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Chocolat "Kato" Meilleure


Chocolat "Kato" Meilleure




August 13


Cinnamon(mother) and Duke(uncle)





First Appearance:

Chocolat,Hearts,and the Shooting Star

Voiced by:

Marika Matsumoto

Chocolat is an extrovert. She is the series' main protagonist. She is not as popular as Vanilla since her temper makes most boys wary, but she is able to make friends with them instead because of her extroverted and fun personality. She is extremely popular in the Magic World. Her familiar is a lazy, but powerful frog named Duke. In her world, she lives with her grandfather, Corne, a powerful wizard who, like Chocolat, has a certain dislike for Blanca. She is short-tempered and can be violent at times, but she is fun and caring. She is a tsundere, especially toward Pierre and Blanca. Chocolat is a very persistent girl, especially when it comes to people she cares for. As the series progresses, Chocolat begins to fall in love with Pierre and (in the anime) end up exchanging hearts with him (Episode 51). In the anime she loses the Queen contest but Vanilla gives up the throne (making Chocolat Queen). In the manga Chocolat and Pierre went missing and lost their memories which made them return a few years later, for Vanilla's coronation. In French, Chocolat's name translates to "Best Chocolate". Chocolat's name may be romanized as Chocolat or Chocola. In the English manga published by Del Rey, her name is spelled Chocolat, from the French word for chocolate. In the anime, Chocolat has the power to purify noir hearts after Amber gives her a potion. In the manga, Chocolat is revealed to be Cinnamon and Glace's child - the anime implies this also. In the anime, it is also implied that Pierre and Chocolat marry meaning that Chocolat becomes the queen of the Magical World as well as the Ogres.


Chocolat has long orange hair with large green eyes like emeralds and small fangs and pointy ears like all Le Royaumes. She is seen wearing her school uniform in school and wears her witch costume when she transforms to get hearts. At home at night, she wears a blue gown with red bows in her pigtails. Her witch costume is pink with a brown belt, paired with a large pink hat, gloves and a cape. She also wears a pair of long black and white striped socks. She is mostly seen wearing her heart shaped pendant.



She initially hated his aloof attitude and acted hostile towards him, but she secretly develops a crush on him. When he tries to take her heart on a date, she discovers he's evil and tries to hate him. However, it is revealed that he is in love with her too, and he's in pain because his noir heart conflicts with his pink heart. Eventually, she purifies the noir and leaves him with a pink heart that represents his feelings for her. In the anime, their relationship starts only in the last episode, but it is far more romantic between them in the manga version. See the link below for a picture of their kiss scene:

Vanilla Mieux

She and Vanilla had been best friends since their childhood. They broke their friendship when Vanilla had uneasy feelings for Chocolat, Chocolat felt guilty. But luckily the Noir implanted within Vanilla had been removed by Chocolat, and now they are best friends again.

Houx and Saule

Although they have a childhood crush on her, she only thinks of them as her good friends and is thankful for them for being her's and Vanilla's chevaliers.