Pierre Tempête de Neige
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Pierre Tempête de Neige




January 27


Unamed Mother



First Appearance:


Voiced by:

Hiroki Konishi

Pierre is a popular and handsome boy at Chocolat's school. He's the captain of the fencing and tennis club at Moegi Academy and has a fan club of beautiful but cruel and cold junior-high student girls known as 'The Members', who dislike Chocolat being near their Prince. Almost every girl has a crush on him. 

He has white blonde hair and piercing, sharp ice blue eyes. He is aloof and rarely shows emotion. It is discovered in Volume 2, that Pierre is also from the Magical World after he tries to kill Chocolat by taking her heart. He is the Prince of the "Ogre" clan. As the story goes on, Pierre begins to fall in love with Chocolat and his noir heart battles with his original pink heart. It is discovered that the Ogres kidnapped him and implanted his noir when he was a little boy. She purifies his noir, and they exchange hearts. His name is the French equivalent of Peter. He acts uptight and hostile towards Chocolat, and is in denial of liking her. In the beginning of the series, he was a kuudere, but then turned into a tsundere .